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Homes Sale Prior Lake MN Has To Offer

Spread across 18 square miles, Prior Lake is an exciting city that sits next to Shakopee and Savage in Scott County. With a population of 22,796 is a tight-knit community that has continued to see growth over the years and etched a spot as one of the most intriguing suburbs in Minnesota.

Here is more on what Prior Lake has to offer to interested buyers.

Reasons To Live In Prior Lake

1) Beautiful Setting

It’s the setting that wow people as they look at the top homes sale Prior Lake MN has to offer. There is a charm to this part of Minnesota that is fun-filled, beautiful, and downright amazing at times due to the abundant greenery, clean roads, and wholesome community. The setting is a major plus point and continues to earn the respect of Minnesotans with each passing day. Whether it’s the Cleary Lake Regional Park or the 14 different lakes, there is something for everyone in Prior Lake.

2) Great Schools

The Prior Lake-Savage School District is ranked near the top of the charts when it comes to educational quality, consistency, and opportunity. Young families will have this as a requirement on their checklist with children to raise, and Prior Lake does well. It is one of the stronger cities when it comes to educational opportunities, and this is what makes it stand out.

3) State Highway 13

Being able to connect to the other cities is important and can ensure getting from place to place isn’t a challenge. To ensure that is the case, the city has access to State Highway 13 and enables easy transportation from one part of town to the other. The State Highway 13 is a beautiful example of a well-designed route that can help cut down travel time and ensure people can head downtown without a problem when needed. For those working in the downtown core, this can be an excellent solution and a significant plus point.

4) Continuous Growth

With homes sale Prior Lake MN has to offer, the number one priority for people will be the investment potential of their new asset. Being able to buy a house in Prior Lake is lovely, but it has to come with an opportunity to grow and make money off of the property. This is one of the benefits that can go unnoticed, but it has been cited as a plus point among real estate experts. Prior Lake is focusing on becoming a “smart city” and emphasizing this with the developmental changes in plan. This is ideal for anyone looking to maintain continuous growth and reach new heights.

Key Attractions

1) Cleary Lake Regional Park

Since Prior Lake is renowned for its greenery whether it’s the national parks or the lakes, there is something for everyone to do in town. It all starts with Cleary Lake Regional Park as it sits close to home and is one of those gorgeous settings that bring people in from all over. The park has a splendid swimming beach, golf courses, and even cross county skiing opportunities when the snow starts falling. Why not take advantage of the wintry conditions with the help of this gorgeous regional park?

2) Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

With its high-end rooms that are chockful of fabulous amenities, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel is one of those establishments that have made a name for themselves. The quality is second to none, and it’s the attention to detail that wows people in Prior Lake. It comes with a fun golf course, large swimming pool, and many other amenities.

3) Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve

For those looking to move away from developed parts of town, it’s the Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve that wins hearts. The reserve is one of those unique locations that does it all but keeps things as natural as possible. Whether it’s biking or hiking, this is the ultimate location for outdoor enthusiasts. Head to the place and have a fun time mountain biking and bird watching. It is a tranquil location that is widespread.

These are some of the reasons for looking into homes sale Prior Lake MN has to offer because the city continues to impress on a day-to-day basis.