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While browsing through different cities located in Minnesota, you may have come across the town of Farmington, a smaller section of the state with a population of fewer than 23,000 residents. If you’ve been looking at some of the homes for sale Farmington MN has available for purchase, you may be thinking about making a move but need to know what to expect before you make such a significant decision. Despite being a smaller suburban area, it’s an excellent place for people to live for many reasons.

The Demographics of Farmington

The population in Farmington isn’t too large or too small. A total of 89.2 percent of the residents living in Farmington are white while only 3.48 percent are Hispanic and only 1.44 percent are black. The average median age is around 33 years old, and about 62.5 percent of the residents are married. There are a lot of children living in the area, too.

The vast majority of residents have enrolled in high school or have completed high school, earning their diplomas. The school districts have somewhat good ratings and are known for pushing their students to achieve goals and become more successful by completing their classes. Many of the children finish high school and go off to college. There are a lot of different colleges that are located within such a short distance of Farmington, including the Dakota County Technical College and St. Olaf College.

The average household earns slightly over $86,000 each year. Many of the residents of Farmington are children or adults with children, which is perfect if you have children and want to move to an area where your kids will have plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet others.

Countless jobs are available in Farmington. However, the industries with the most available positions include the manufacturing, construction, retail, and transportation industries. Numerous positions are open and available for job seekers.

Many of the homes for sale in Farmington MN sells single-family detached properties. These properties often have multiple garages, spacious backyards, and beautiful front lawns with green grass and plenty of trees.

The Fun Things You Can Do While in Farmington

The Farmington Mall is one of the favorite shopping centers in the area. It’s a strip mall consisting of different establishments for residents to visit and make purchases. Some of the stores on the strip include the Metro PCS store, Weng’s Kitchen restaurant, and USA Nails where you can stop to get a manicure and pedicure if you please.

The Marcus Rosemount movie theater isn’t a far distance away from Farmington and is typically the go-to theater for residents of Farmington. The city is conveniently located within a short distance from other great attractions, such as the Lakeville Area Art Center and the Applewood Orchard.

Farmington Lanes is one of the hottest spots in the area. It’s the place where residents go when they want to eat good food, go bowling, and have a lot of fun with their friends or family. There is a bar inside the establishment, which is perfect for adults looking to have a great time while sipping on tasty beverages. Aside from Farmington Lanes, many of the locals like to visit The Mug for late-night treats, drinks, and games of pool.

The Fountain Valley Golf Club is located around the Farmington area. It’s a local hot spot for golfers who enjoy spending hours at a time playing games of golf with their friends.

It’s easy to find good restaurants in Farmington. Weng’s Kitchen is a Chinese buffet where you can eat as much as you want, serving yourself plates of delicious Chinese cuisine. El Charros Mexican is a restaurant that serves tasty, authentic Mexican food. If you’re in the mood for flavorful steak with different sides, Farmington Steak House is the restaurant to visit when you’re in the area.

The Bests Reasons to Make a Move to Farmington

The city of Farmington is rather small and is considered a suburban area compared to some of the other cities in Minnesota. Despite its small size, it’s still a fun place to live, especially for children. If your goal is to move to a place where the schools are ideal, there are quite a few different bars and restaurants in the area, and various attractions are only a car ride away, Farmington is an excellent choice. The homes in the area are gorgeous, and it’s an area where not a lot of crime is taking place, making it an ideal city to move to.

Moving into one of the homes for sale Farmington MN has up for sale could be the best decision you choose to make for yourself and your family. Endless job opportunities are available, the weather is decent most of the time, and the people living in the area are welcoming and friendly.