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Find Homes For Sale in Apple Valley MN Has on the Market and Move to This Cozy Suburban City

Trying to find the right city to move to? If you’re thinking about moving to the state of Minnesota, you may want to discover a city that is going to meet your needs and have plenty to offer to you and your family. Apple Valley is a smaller city in the state with a population of fewer than 51,000 people. There are many homes for sale in Apple Valley MN, most of which are designed with enough space for larger families to move into.


The average person living in Apple Valley, Minnesota is 39 years old. However, people of all ages live in the area. The average household brings in around $84,000 per year in income from various places of employment and the poverty level in Apple Valley is considerably low at 6.79 percent. The real estate market continues to thrive as homes become even more valuable because the area is considered desirable to many.

Nearly 80 percent of the residents in Apple Valley are white. Only 6.4 percent of the residents are black, 6 percent are Asians, and 4.6 percent are Hispanics. Like many areas in Minnesota, it’s not as diverse as some other cities in the various states across the country.

Many of the residents in the area are employed. Some of these positions include registered nurses, customer service representatives, and retail employees. Jobs in healthcare and retail are most accessible to find in Apple Valley, Minnesota, but there are plenty of other positions available in other industries, including the manufacturing industry.

Things to Do and Places to Visit

When checking out homes for sale Apple Valley MN has on the real estate market, you might be interested in finding out if any of these homes are located next to exciting things to do or see. Because it’s a suburban area, it’s not as busy as some of the major cities, but it’s still a great place to live if you love being surrounded by beautiful parks with trails, lakes, and plenty of trees. Whitetail Woods Regional Park is one of several parks residents and tourists like to visit. There are tons of trails throughout the park to walk, run, or ride a bicycle on.

The Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve is another great park in the Apple Valley area. It’s a great place to walk the trails while watching out for different birds. If you’re a fan of birds and want to take pictures of them in the wild, this is a park worth visiting with your camera.

Aside from the beautiful parks, there are plenty of different restaurants in the city, including Smash burger, Vivo Kitchen, and Umami Bowl. There is a shopping mall, the Southport Centre, where residents can go when they want to shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other items. While it may not be the largest city in Minnesota, it’s still a great place to live for those who prefer a quiet, calm atmosphere with plenty of parks, restaurants, and stores to visit.

Why You Should Purchase a Home in Apple Valley

Not sure if you should purchase a home in Apple Valley, Minnesota or not? If you’re still debating, these are some of the main reasons to make a move to this beautiful suburban city.

1. It’s one of the smaller cities and is perfect for anyone looking to live the suburban life.
2. There are several beautiful parks with different trails that are perfect to use for walking, jogging, or even bicycling.
3. It’s a family-friendly area where many of the residents have children and grandchildren.
4. Buses are available for those without cars or those who prefer not to drive back and forth to work.
5. It continues to become more diverse with each year that passes by.
6. There are a lot of different job opportunities available for people who are looking for work.
7. It’s considered a somewhat safe area where most people go to work, spend time with their families, and live their lives.

If you’re now convinced this is the right place for you to move to, don’t hesitate to look at some of the different homes for sale Apple Valley MN has on the market at the moment. You may quickly come across a house that is ideal for you.