Meyer Real Estate Team

Meyer Real Estate Team

Coldwell Banker Burnet
9528 Glenborough Drive
Elko New Market, MN 55020
Mike and Becki

Mike and Becki share a love of real estate that knows no bounds!

Mike, after serving in the Army and taking college classes, started his career framing houses in 1995. He loved the different designs that he was helping to frame so it didn't take long before he started building the houses he loved.  In 2005, he went through training to be a Realtor so he could sell the homes he worked so hard to build.  In 2010, he went full time real estate helping sellers and buyers purchasing the homes of their dreams.  Fun stuff, he loved it!  In 2016, he was starting to feel like he could not keep up!!!! 

Queue Becki Sigl.....

Becki to the rescue! She brings a bright smile and willingness to dig right in to help.  Becki spent 18 years as a physical therapist assistant, working with clients in various stages of the healing process. Becki was also a marketing coordinator for the therapy clinic that she worked for.  She was awesome at it. To say Becki is a "people person" is the understatement of the year.  Her skills were needed for the world of real estate to form the professional Mike and Becki team also known as "The Meyer Real Estate Team " 

Mike and Becki have been together for 7 years and work together amazingly.  They have differing skill sets that work unbelievably well together. There is real estate talk in their home literally from waking to going to sleep, all day long!

Let The Meyer Real Estate Team work for you on finding your next home!